SB type Features
●Non-contact operating pressure and vacuum generators
●Low noise and vibration
●Compact design
●Completely oil-free
●Long-time operation
●High-pressure air flow
●High efficiency


Fields of application
Side channel blowers offer a wide field of application faciities wherever the use of air as energy supply leads to optimum results. The fields of application listed below present just a small summary therefore of the wide range of possible use of these units.

●Pneumatic air tube systems
●Pneumatic conveying systems
●Vacuum cleaning systems
●Vacuum lifting gear
●Vacuum transport systems
●Bottle-filling stations
●Printing machines
●Screen printing machines
●Air-cushion tables
●Drying systems
●Welding fume extraction
●Textile machinery
●Agricultural machines
●Dental equipment
●Water treatment
●Fish pond aeration
●Aquarium aeration
●Aeration of galvanic tanks

Vacuum Pump and compressor

Comparison of different noise sources
(mean values). Minimum measuring distance to individual sound sources 7m;
measuring distance to machine 1m